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Kas and its surroundings are very lucky in terms of both history and natural riches. Due to its location on the Lycian road, many civilizations were struck and settled in these regions and adopted it as a dorm. If you want to follow the traces left today, we are ready to help you to find the most suitable options as Club Hotel Barbarossa.

If you like sea sports, you can see historical and natural treasures while doing many activities such as diving, snorkeling, canoeing, rafting. If you prefer to explore from the land, breathtaking canyons, romantic walking paths and trekking options where you can experience nature closely await you. It is also very suitable for Kas paragliding. Take a look at the options if you wish.

The tours we recommend to you are made by licensed tour operators.



- Dive into the magical underwater world of Kas.

- Walk the Lycian Way, shown among the 10 most beautiful hiking trails in the world.

- In the most turquoise bend you will see, swim in the world famous Kaputas Beach, which you will reach after descending 187 stairs.

- Go to Antiphellos Antique Theater, the only ancient theater in Anatolia that sees the sea.

- Visit the sunken ancient city of Simena in Kekova.

- See the Underground Cistern in the center of Kas.

- Paragliding.

- Go to Meis Island.

- See Saklikent Canyon.

- Explore the neighboring villages and bays. Be sure to see Patara beach and Sand Hill.

- Celebrate Republic Day on the streets of Kas, one of the most exuberant places of October 29th.

After approximately 90 minutes drive, experience Chimera’s fire, the breath of the gods. Enjoy fresh fish for lunch in a great setting.

Enjoy trekking in Agulu and Asaz mountains, while admiring the Great views of Kas and Meis. Visit Phellos and Antiphellos (Kas) antique villages. 40 km.

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