There are 8 suites and 28 guest rooms in Club Barbarossa all sharing an outstanding characteristic that has to be seen to be truly appreciated. The sea-facing panoramic windows are extra large and constructed so, as to frame the Mediterranean like a majestic living mural. All guest rooms are furnished individually, just to make you feel at home (air conditioning, satellite TV, wireless access and balconies). 

  • Standard rooms are between 15-20 meter square
  • Tree house and Feraye rooms are 15 meter square.
  • Elite rooms range between 20 - 25 meter square.
  • Premium rooms range between 30-45 meters square and most have jacuzzis.
  • Suites have two sections and occupy an area between 35-50 meter square not including the balcony areas. All suites have jakuzzis.
Barbarossa Hotel Alacati Will rest your soul